Spring 2018 Highlights on Uniqueness of Silver Jewelry That Is Incredibly Stylish

November 10, 2018

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Keeping up to date in the nowadays world is not easy as the fashion trends keep changing. This is more challenging if you are looking for new silver accessories or jewelry. The trends of jewelry offer the latest designs and now here you can know about handmade jewelry that will be in demand for the 2018 summer.

Handmade silver jewelry suits special occasions and everyday outfits. The handmade jewelry is popular and the trends emerge among individualized pieces.


The most important among handmade Jewelry for this summer is its uniqueness. This time the trend is with adding more jewelry as better.

The sterling silver engagement ring has gained popularity against gold. It is not that the gold rings are not valued, but silver engagement rings have made their special unique place. These lovely and delicate rings make a stunning betrothal. The sterling silver rings are in gold 18k setting with a white diamond. It looks beautiful.

Following this trend is simple. It is surely unique jewelry. It is a handmade jewelry piece, so it is a bit difficult to find similar pieces. The handmade jewelry also includes awesome accessories that are not only interesting, but also unique and incredibly stylish.

Nature Motifs

Nature motifs, the name itself makes the concept clear. Yes, it has trees, butterflies, birds, turtles, flowers and so on relating the nature in the jewelry items. Inspiration from the nature is endless as it is the creator of beauty. The nature motifs this year are the handmade jewelry core idea.

In association with the transition, the hallmarks of the silver jewelry trends are focusing towards nature-friendliness, energy efficiency, smart consumption and green energy that are nature based. The nature featuring jewelry is becoming noticeable items.


The bangles are made using palm green genuine leaves embedded into resin as a bracelet. The cuff bracelets feature bird design and the women bangles feature hand drawn birds. These can be ideal bird lovers or nature lover’s gift.

Natural materials

With everything going towards handmade and nature, the materials used in creating jewelry also is natural. The natural materials used in handcrafter jewelry this year, 2018 summer will include leaves, wood, natural fibers and leather.

In fact, seashell pendants, dragon fruit rings, birch bark hair clips, peacock feather earrings, strawberry slice necklaces and amber bracelets will be masterpieces jewelry. The reason for its prominence is that they are real and truly beautiful, besides being cheap.

Statement jewelry will be prominent as usual with big rings and earrings, statement necklaces and bracelets. Making a bold statement through jewelry is easy and it adds personality and interest to your outfit. However, modern jewelry pieces glamorize your wardrobe, so stay ahead and wear handmade jewelry this summer.

The truth is that even the uncut minerals are in momentum. There will be stones and raw materials used in jewelry. This year, the silver jewelry will have beautiful pieces and the necklaces, earrings or bracelets will have some of your known natural elements that you will feel very much connected to the Mother Nature in 2018.

7 Must-Know Points When Buying the Right Silver Jewelry For Yourself

November 10, 2018

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With plenty of options accessible, it is really tough to understand the right type of silver jewelry that you are buying. Here we will discover tips just to ensure that you find quality jewelry.

Purchase your jewelry with complete confidence

The silver jewelry is exquisite, and it is hard to find the best quality pieces. You will find a good jewelry supplier, who will help you buy the genuine products. Now, it’s possible to ensure you are selecting the top jewelry designed by the real artisans and made to last for a lifetime.

Check the Rate of Your Silver Jewelry

Silver is one valuable metal, and it will be reflected in the price of its product. The best way to ensure that you are getting best jewelry is doing a simple comparison of prices. You can check out the present market rate for the sterling silver. It will give you the baseline when assessing the jewelry prices that you wish to buy.

Talk to the Silver Jewelry Supplier

This depends on where you’re buying the silver jewelry, and if you are able to talk to the jewelry supplier or representative, always do so. Talking to the person on the phone or in the store can allow you to ask questions regarding hallmarks, pricing, or silver sourcing. You can get answers that you want, particularly if you are prepared.

Look for the Silver Grade Hallmarks and Specifications

Authentic jewelry may have some markings that will distinguish this as a real deal. The hallmarks are located in the discrete place on the jewelry and are very small. You might not need any magnifying glass or strong lighting to check it out. Remember pure silver is malleable, it means it is soft and easy to bend. The high quality of jewelry needs to have alloy mixed for higher durability. Best silver jewelry is mostly silver with a small element of stronger built in, like copper.

Do Physical Tests Just to Ensure Its Authenticity

The best method to ensure you have got the right jewelry accessible is performing many minor physical tests. The tests will not harm your silver in any way, so do not worry.

Have an Evaluation

Suppose you are not very sure about the jewelry, you always can get an evaluation done. Just take your jewelry for a professional consultation or you can take it to a silver jewelry supplier.

Stay Careful When Buying Jewelry Online

There’re many marketplaces available online for buying the precious metals. Suppose you choose an online shop to be the best one for you, ensure you take complete caution. Most reputable shops online selling authentic jewelry may have one physical location, which will be clearly specified on the website. They also will have the solid refund and exchange policy, and customer representatives that will help you with the purchase, and complete specifications about the jewelry quality under every product listing.

5 Popular Types of Engagement Rings

November 10, 2018

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Engagement rings can range from the classic and simple style of a solitaire to the elaborate styles with different metals, shapes of stone, or gemstones. Most of the classic styles of rings are easily found in most jewelry shops, but if you are looking for something more unique it may be necessary to have a custom design created. Let’s take a look at a few of the most popular styles:


The solitaire is the ultimate classic style of ring that never seems to go out of fashion. It has a very versatile style that can accept different shapes and sizes of stones. The main focal feature is the central stone, so it is essential to invest in a high-quality gemstone. Also, the type of setting can vary from a tension set to a prong set.


The single or double halo is a great way to add extra sparkle to a small stone. The halo effect is created by adding a circle of gemstones or diamonds around the central stone. The double halo is the most distinctive and a perfect choice for brides that really want a statement piece of jewelry that stands out.

Three stone

A ring with a three stone configuration is a very popular option. The style of the ring can vary to match the personal preference. Many of the rings have three stones in equal sizes; while others can have a large central stone with two smaller stones either side. Additionally, there is the option to choose a right with a four or five stone setting.


The cluster ring is designed in many different styles that can range from very basic to very elaborate. Most of the rings include multiple stones at the same size, while others can feature a larger central stone with many smaller ones around the outside. This type of ring is typically made in gold or platinum.

Colored Stone

The colored stone rings are simply the style of rings that do not use traditional white diamonds. A few of the common alternatives include sapphires, emeralds and rubies. Also, there are a variety of stones that are becoming more popular when it comes to creating rings, such as morganite and tanzanite, as well as gray diamonds.

Whether you are looking for a simple or luxury design, there are many different choices that can easily match the preferred look and price range.

Men’s Wedding Bands – How to Choose the Best Wedding Ring

November 10, 2018


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A man generally puts lots of thought into choosing the engagement ring for their fiancé, and when it is time to select his wedding band he will realize that he is clueless about many options that are available. There’re 7 things that you have to consider while choosing the men’s wedding bands: metal choice, width, finish, fit, engraving and detailing.

Metal Choice

Metals are used traditionally for the custom rings for men and they are white gold, platinum, rose gold, yellow gold, and palladium. So, there are benefits to all of them:

White Gold

This gold type comes in rhodium, member of the platinum family that gives it an amazing white color that is similar to the platinum’s but in a lower price range


Platinum is very durable and the rarest item in the crust. This is hypoallergenic and never causes any skin reactions.


Palladium is the member of the platinum family and has similar look, generally, do not cost much than platinum or white gold.

Yellow Gold

The yellow gold gives a subtle and warm glow and comes in classic option.

Rose Gold

This type of gold is the beautiful and less common option and makes a unique vintage effect. This is ideal for the groom who is looking for a distinctive appearance.


How wide would you like the ring to be? You can try on some men’s wedding bands that come in different widths and decide what you find best. The wider rings generally tend to be very expensive, but balance the size and the price, by selecting the metal, which is in your budget.


Finish generally describes the texture of the ring’s metal.

These are terms to know:

  • High Polish: It is a traditional choice & describes metal with the reflective finish.
  • Matte: This is the less reflective choice with understated and modern feel.
  • Combination: The wedding bands combine matte & high polish textures.

HammeredThe hammered unique wedding bands look like a small hammer that has pounded metal and create a textured effect. It is popular for one who wants a unique and attractive look.


The edges of the men’s wedding bands are curved and flat and form the right angles on sides of a ring. Popular band has rounded edges that will make it the best choice for the men who’re highly concerned about how it can feel to wear ring daily.


No matter whether you select the ring, which is classic and understated and eye-catching and unique, there’re many ways for personalizing band with the engraving.


Not very long before there were some options in the men’s wedding bands other than metal, however nowadays you will have the unique custom rings for men. You can add a little style in your ring with the diamond and sapphire accents, like a subtle vertical stripe or Celtic Knot design.

The Appeal of Vintage and Antique Jewellery

November 10, 2018

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Antique and vintage jewellery has an allure all of its own! When you think of antique jewellery, you tend to think of the sort of thing that turns up on the Antique Road Show, the Faberge jewellery that is valued in the thousands of pounds, but of course the majority of vintage pieces are far more modest and affordable. I started in antique fairs some years ago, and jewellery was always popular, whether rings, brooches, or necklaces or bracelets.

Antique jewellery is normally defined as being 100 years old or more, whereas vintage is often defined as older pieces made after the Retro Modern period of the 1940s and up to and including the 1980s. It is a very wide field, and often the terms are interchangeable.

Indeed, for those of you on a budget, pre-owned, or pre-loved jewellery as the trade prefers to call it, is a great alternative to buying new jewellery. I found that vintage jewellery is usually well-made and attractive, especially since, with the rising price of gold and other precious metals, the more unattractive and/or damaged pieces are now melted down for their scrap metal value, leaving the better pieces intact. The thought of owning an unusual engagement ring or wedding ring that is vintage or pre-loved is something that can be considered as very often these rings will be cheaper than the modern equivalent but just as good quality if not better. I think that it’s nice to perhaps reflect on the past history of a vintage piece and speculate on the history behind it!

So where do you find antique and vintage jewellery? Some jewellery shops sell second-hand jewellery, and you can buy online. eBay is a popular source, but be careful – it’s easy to get carried away and bid more than you intended! And the rule of caveat emptor applies – that means ‘buyer beware’ and I find that if something looks too good to be true, then generally it is!

When buying antiques, you need to make sure of what it is you are buying, so always get a proper receipt from the vendor which shows that the item is genuine. It should state the gems used, and that any diamonds are genuine and not substitutes such as cubic zirconium. Gold and silver should be hallmarked – all British silver and gold is, but foreign items such as Indian jewellery may not be. An independent appraisal may be worth obtaining in the case of valuable items.

My advice to anyone interested in buying antique or vintage jewellery is to learn as much as you possibly can. Read up about it and get to know what you are looking for. Knowledge is power. It’s also fun!

Another idea is to consider vintage-style. New jewellery that has been made in a retro style is also very popular and often good value. On my website, are many retailers who do lovely ranges of attractive jewellery and watches in traditional and antique styles to suit any taste, whether Victorian, Art Nouveau or Art Deco, so feel free to take a look, and remember, buying from these retailers is safe and easy.

Seven Wedding Rings Trends for 2017

November 10, 2018


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Fashion-forward brides know that there’s more to wedding rings than a simple gold band. While this is the traditional look, others brides may opt for a piece that fits their personal aesthetic. Since this is a piece of jewelry that is worn every day, it makes sense to choose something the wearer adores. Here are a few of the most exciting new trends for this meaningful piece of jewelry for 2017 and beyond.

1. Rose Gold
This romantic metal has been a runway staple for a few years now. These wedding rings recently gained traction when Lauren Conrad chose this option. Rose gold is a welcome alternative to the standard silver or gold. As a bonus, the warm hue is flattering on most skin tones. Couples can use it alone or mix it with other metals for a popular two-tone effect.

2. Pave Diamonds
Brides and grooms alike can add sparkle to an otherwise dull band with pave diamonds, tiny stones set close together and covering either the surface of the band or just specific areas as an accent. While white diamonds are a perennial favorite, other colors and stones are becoming popular as well.

3. Stackable Bands
These thin diamond bands are designed to be worn one on top of the other along with the engagement ring. Some couples opt to purchase several stackable bands at once, while others add to their collection to commemorate special occasions like an anniversary or the birth of a child.

4. Five-Stone Setting
Although eternity bands were once the hottest trend for newly married couples, they can also be expensive. Five-stone versions are a simpler, elegant alternative that features five stones centered on a plain band. Perfect for brides with a more refined aesthetic. Those who still prefer an eternity band may want to look at shared-prong settings, which increase the brilliance of the diamonds by minimizing the metal while still holding the stones securely in place.

5. Vintage-Inspired Styles
Some retro-style brides may opt for actual vintage pieces. Others may choose modern versions of old favorites that incorporate elements from classic styles of years past. To get this look, shop for delicate detailing like minimal scrolls, filigree engraving, and delicate raised edges.

6. Spacing Between Bands
Tradition once dictated that space between the engagement ring and wedding band was to be avoided at all costs. Some brides would even weld their sets together. These days, space is sought after, with fashionable ladies looking to replicate the look popularized by Mariah Carey. Avoid a matched set when looking for an eclectic style to turns heads.

7. Unusual Materials
Shiny gold, silver, and platinum metals have long been the law of the land when it comes to wedding rings, but these days there are more materials than ever from which to choose. Think wood, stone, and even bone, along with traditional metals with the unusual twist of a matte or textured finish. These are especially popular when it comes to the groom’s ring.

Marcasite Rings Combine Old World Elegance and Modern Charm

November 9, 2018

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First popular during the reign of Queen Victoria, marcasite jewelry has earned its spot both in the history books and in the future of jewelry design. More specifically, marcasite rings are extremely popular because they add a vintage touch to very modern ring styles. Typically, marcasite will be found in a silver setting, such as sterling silver. Its dark metallic finish, either black or gray, is very complimentary to the icy white coloration of this precious metal and its neutral tone will coordinate perfectly with any wardrobe choice.

When it comes to design options for marcasite rings, the majority of styles that you will find are those using marcasite as an accent. Quite often, the focal point of the design will be cubic zirconia, which can either be clear or any one of a rainbow of colors. The beauty of cubic zirconia is brought to light even more when paired with the glitter of marcasite. Its subtle hint of sparkle is just enough to add the perfect touch to any ring.

As one of the few pieces of jewelry that the wearer can actually see without having to look in a mirror, rings are an important part of any woman’s wardrobe. Whether they feature a certain theme, design or color, marcasite rings are a direct reflection of the wearer. Unlike any other accessory, jewelry has the ability to speak volumes without a word being said. It instantly suggests what style you prefer, your favorite color or perhaps birthstone and also lets others know of your ability to accessorize.

If you are planning a wedding, it’s important to note that marcasite rings are not only used as fashion rings, but may also be used as engagement and/or promise rings as well. Because they often feature a cubic zirconia solitaire as the focal point, these rings can certainly be used to symbolize an upcoming marriage.

Whether you are thinking of incorporating rings featuring marcasite into your collection or you have already come to appreciate the beauty of its old-world charm, it’s a good idea to take note that the internet is the best place to start shopping. With so many different styles and competitive prices, the world of jewelry design is literally at your fingertips. There are several online jewelers that offer a large selection of marcasite and vintage style jewelry. The antique styling and modern design have made these rings a popular treat for jewelry lovers.

Whatever your budget or style, marcasite rings are a nice choice. Their beauty, affordability and versatility are the perfect combination for a lovely new piece of jewelry. When set in sterling silver, marcasite comes to life with sparkle. As needed, a quick polish with a jewelry cloth will maintain its brilliance for years of wear. As is the case with any piece of jewelry in your wardrobe, knowing that it will be a wise investment is important. In terms of both style and longevity, marcasite set in sterling silver will be fashionable for years to come.

Almost Diamonds, a popular online retailer specializing in sterling silver jewelry, has a complete line of items featuring cubic zirconia and genuine gemstones in a variety of styles to choose from. If you are looking to maximize your jewelry collection without minimizing your wallet, consider the affordable option of sterling silver. Not only is this a precious metal that’s designed to last forever, but it also is an economical way to get the look of platinum or white gold without spending a fortune.

Declare Your Love With a Classic Vintage Engagement Ring

November 9, 2018

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So you have found the elusive special someone, and you are thinking of a special way of cementing your love and commitment? Well, we have the perfect answer to this dilemma. The best way you can propose or sweep your special lady off your feet is by buying her a timeless classic in the form of a vintage engagement ring. Vintage signifies regal and eternal class. The design and the setting will always stand out for its exclusivity and exquisiteness. You cannot go wrong with this superior choice of engagement ring. You are bound to find favour with not only your affianced but amongst everyone who will be impressed with your choice.

Your lady is special and you need to make her feel that way. For a woman, an engagement ring is not just a piece of pretty jewellery; it is her dream come true in every way. Vintage is always a style mostly preferred by ladies in terms of its look and appeal so you are on the right track in every way. Some of the clear cut reasons for declaring your love with a vintage engagement ring are as follows:

Stand out

Any bride to be wants to do different and unique things at her wedding. One of the areas she would like to experiment is with the design and style of her engagement ring. When you get her a vintage diamond ring, you are giving her a platform to declare her unique sartorial style and up her glamour quotient by leaps and bounds.

Building a legacy

By buying vintage diamond engagement rings for sale, you are on the first step towards creating a legacy of heirloom jewels that can be passed on to future generations. You are buying a piece of history as the design and the workmanship will always remain in style even in the future. Your bride is sure to love the attention she gets when she flaunts this beautiful vintage diamonds on her wedding day.


The ring is always the most talked about jewellery for a bride and all want to know the special story behind this piece. Your story of a vintage engagement ring will be talked about for its significance and elegance. It’s almost regal in look, appeal and significance. Your beloved and her sparkler will be cynosure of all eyes each time.

Precious and priceless

Your vintage ring will always be considered priceless for the love it promises and your love story but it will always be valuable. You are making a lifelong investment in both your relationship and the beautiful vintage engagement ring too.

What to Inscribe On a Wedding Ring?

November 9, 2018

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Starting from the moment he gets down on his knees and asks you to be his partner for life; for better and for worse, in sickness and in health, and what not, tying the knot with your loved one is a beautiful journey all along. On d-day, the biggest, most important elements are the wedding rings, besides of course, the bride and the groom. Couples spend a whole lot of money on getting the most gorgeous rings for their other halves. And hey, what better than having something to take you back to the day every time you look at it? The creative ones of the lot know that engraved rings can add to the experience and be an everlasting emblem of their never-ending love and commitment. Contrary to the common misconception, engravings do not necessarily have to be restricted to being those of names. They can be of numerous things; phrases, expressions, dates or anything the two of you hold dear or special to your relationship.

I am providing you with plenty of ideas for your engraving venture. The ever so beautiful custom of inscribing romantic poetry onto wedding rings began in the courts of medieval Europe, and since these rings are more than just rings, the tradition goes on. Wedding rings can have some of the very optimistic etchings, all referring to love, trust, faith, promises, fidelity and adoration we shower on one’s chosen marriage partner. Here are some of our favorite picks for your wedding ring etchings:

  • Use your first initials – “H&T forever”
  • Use your private nicknames for each other – “Sugarball”, “Mickey”
  • Use the date of your wedding, first date etc.
  • Use your first initials along with the date – “H&T 3/4/2012”
  • Use an excerpt from your wedding vows – “Till death do us part”
  • Use the infinity symbol
  • Use Mr. and Mrs. – “Mr. Sean”, “Mrs. Sean”
  • Vintage wedding rings with short love poems
  • Rotating “Crypto” Wedding Ring
  • Matching Half Heart Promise
  • “Worth the wait”
  • “Truly, madly, deeply”
  • “A perfect fit”
  • “I do!”
  • “I do!” (hers)
  • “Ditto.” (his)
  • “Now and forever”
  • “A fairytale”
  • “For I’d found love” (his)
  • “And love was you.” (hers)
  • “My first and my only”
  • “You and me… against the world”
  • “Always”
  • “Eternity”
  • “Together Forever”
  • “To have and to hold”
  • “The Universe Unfolds”
  • Quotes in other languages – “Je t’aime” (I love you – French), “Il mio cuore e il tuo per sempre (My heart is yours forever — Italian) etc.
  • Quotes in old English – “In thy breast my heart doth rest” etc.
  • Something humorous – “Non-refundable”, “Don’t even think about it!” etc.

So when you’ve got your favorite rings picked out, take a step ahead and get them engraved to make them even more special. Engraving is a great way to personalize your rings for the big day. After all, your wedding ring is the single, most important piece of jewelry you will ever wear.

Engagement And Wedding Ring Sets – Tips To Buy The Best-Matched

November 9, 2018

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As far as other jewelry is concerned, we change it often to suit our liking and to match the latest fashion trends. However, the two pieces of jewelry you will never change in your life is your engagement ring and wedding band. After all, they are symbolic of the relationship you share with your spouse and also serve as a reminder of the two most important days in your life.

When shopping for wedding bands and engagement rings, many prefer matching sets as they sit one above the other on your finger. The trick is to buy rings that complement each other without looking overly matched. It involves considering key elements such as the metal, the band width, shape and embellishments. So, here’s how to go about it.

Band Width:

Both the rings should be of the same size in terms of the width. An extremely large wedding band will suffocate your engagement ring.

Matching Metals:

The other way you can match your wedding and engagement rings is by way of the metal. If you go for gold for your engagement one, it should also be gold for the wedding band. In addition to metals, the color of the metal should be similar. For instance, yellow gold clashes with rose gold. Try to make them in the same karat count so that they last the same time.

Embellishments and Designs:

The embellishments namely gems and stones and patterns on the ring must also be properly coordinated too. Here are some of the pairings you can consider.

  • An eternity or pave band as an engagement ring (a ring with a string of identically cut gemstones arranged in a continuous line) looks great when paired with a plain wedding band. It cuts out on the excess bling.
  • You can also wear an eternity band with a solitaire engagement ring or a three stone diamond band.
  • Speaking about the color of the stones embedded in the rings, keep the color constant for both. If you think it will look too gaudy, use colored stones for your engagement ring and white stones like diamonds for your wedding band.
  • If you are looking at a vintage wedding or engagement ring, you will have to pay more attention as they feature a lot more embellishments than modern rings. They include engravings and filigree. Choose either of the rings such that it emphasizes a feature in the other. Make sure the engraving is the same one both.
  • For a large and chunky engagement ring, stick with a neat and simple wedding band.
  • Most couples today are choosing rings with intricate and unusual designs. While it shouldn’t cause much of a problem, you should look for rings that match the curves and contours of the other. It not only looks neat but also has a purpose. It prevents one ring from wearing down the surface of the other.

If all fails, you can shop for ready bridal sets available at jewelry stores. A few sets include a set of three rings; an engagement ring and a wedding band for the bride and groom.

Aurus is the way to go for engagement rings UK and wedding bands. With all rings made to order in the metal and diamond of your choice, Aurus helps makes every occasion more special and meaningful.